About us

This project is under construction.
Here is a brief description of the concept:

“Autismology” refers to “the science of autism”, encompassing the following key aspects:

  1. In-depth analysis and teaching of autism, with a primary focus on studying and conveying insights from the perspectives of autistic individuals, actively involving them in the process.

  2. Educating autistic individuals, particularly on the positive attributes associated with autism.

  3. Disseminating knowledge on “non-autism,” with a special emphasis on understanding and addressing “Non-Autistic Disorders.”

  4. Establishing connections with knowledge sources related to autism that align with the Autistan Diplomatic Organization‘s vision.

  5. Serving as a fundamental reference for non-autistic entities seeking a comprehensive understanding of autism.

In the meantime, you may also check https://autistan.org/autisme/ (automatic translation)